At Star Technologies, we place great importance on product innovation and continuous product improvement – always focusing on consumer requirements. This is both a challenge and a commitment for us, in which sustainability plays a fundamental role. Indeed, environmental awareness is at the core of Star Technologies’ business, and measures are applied in all areas – from product development and production processes, to usage and disposal by consumers. We constantly find ways to protect and improve conditions for the health of our employees, the environment and for our millions of consumers worldwide. As an example of this strategy, our production process far exceeds the minimum legal safety and environmental requirements.

Our products offer customers:

  • More environmentally friendly adhesive solutions
  • More adhesion
  • More efficient application and reduced wear on application parts
  • More mileage
  • More heat resistance
  • More cost-effectiveness

We have reduced VOCs, eliminated ozone-depleting solvents, and continue to work toward ultimate adhesive greenness and sustainability. Our go green initiative makes each product go further – that’s better for the environment and for you.