20 Ltr Pail STARPROOF AC-603 (25-02-19) _BB 868X354mm-3D


STARPROOF HR-900 is a single component, high solar reflectant  keeps roofs cooler in high hot weather conditions as protective coating for thermal shocks. Tough and seamless membrane resists many harsh chemicals and bridges airline cracks. UV protection & display excellent dirt pick-up resistance and retain their flexibility long after aging.


  • Sloped concrete roofs, metal profile roofs & asbestos roofs, top coats as combo roof, PU foams
  • Roofs, terraces, balconies, domes
  • Sandwich panels, corrugated sheets
  • Over coating on minerals surfaced waterproofing membranes
  • Concrete facades


  • Reduce the energy required for interior cooling
  • Reduce thermal stresses on the roof, hence improving system lifetimes
  • Improve indoor thermal comfort
  • Reduce running and maintenance costs
  • Increase the value of a building
  • High heat insulation and reduces thermal conductance
  • Protects exposed concrete structures against carbonation and ingress of atmospheric gases and salts
  • Excellent UV resistance and dirt pick-up and resistance to blistering
  • Non-toxic, washable and environment friendly


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Packing: 20 liter pail