20 Ltr Pail STARPROOF AC-603 (25-02-19) _BB 868X354mm-3D


STARPROOF AC-603 is a blend of special acrylic polymer resins and additives. It provides a seamless, durable, elastomeric, vapor permeable membrane and has excellent UV resistance.


  • It is used for concrete roofs, polyester built up roofs, masonry and concrete walls
  • It can also be used for other applications such as reflective and protective waterproof coating to concrete, asphalt and bitumen, asbestos cement, slates and tiles, zinc, timber surfaces, etc.


  • Absolutely waterproof
  • Seamless, tough and flexible finish
  • High solar reflective & UV protection
  • Suitable for variety of roof substrates
  • Water vapor permeable


Additional Information

Packing: 20 liter pail