Our new Flame-Retardant Adhesive is now UL Listed


We are proud to announce that STARBOND ® UL-81-10 is now a UL certified adhesive.

These designations enable the high performing STARBOND ® UL-81-10 Adhesive to expand its acceptance throughout Middle East, Africa and Asia, some of the largest regions with harsh weather environments.

Designed for use in application where fibrous glass wool or similar insulation are bonded to the interior or exterior of metal duct systems, this multipurpose adhesive can be used for most porous & non-porous surface. It can be applied easily by brush, roller & pressure feeding equipment evenly on both surfaces.

Al Najjar ® Wood Adhesive Launched


Star Technologies is introducing Al Najjar ® Wood Glue, a water-based, solvent free, non-toxic, cross-linking polyvinyl acetate formula (PVA), that promises to live up to the strength and performance standards the brand is known for – and that woodworkers demand – to deliver a better bond on wood to wood surfaces.

Al Najjar ® Wood Glue is water resistant and offers higher bond strength, a shorter clamp time and a lower application temperature than other comparable woodworking glues, and it can be cleaned up easily with water.

The glue requires a clamp time of just 20 minutes and is fully cured in 24 hours. The formula contains no dyes, and dries a natural color, which means no yellowing. Once dry, it can be easily sanded or painted.

Suitable for interior and exterior use, Al Najjar Wood Glue passes the ANSI/HPVA Type II water-resistance specification providing users with peace of mind for kitchen and bathroom projects and other applications where there is limited weather exposure.

Al Najjar ® Wood Glue can be applied in temperatures as low as 55 degrees Fahrenheit without concern over the glue becoming chalky and bonding poorly. It is also FDA approved for indirect food contact (cutting boards) and also works for radio frequency (R-F) gluing systems.